Zazi Swim are very serious when it comes to sustainable practices within the fashion industry. Every Zazi Swim piece is made from recycled fabrics using ECONYL which comes from abandoned fishing nets. We want to create timeless and feminine pieces while ensuring our impact on the planet is minimal. For us at Zazi Swim, the environment is at the forefront of everything we do. This is the only way forward. We want to open up a conversation about the impact of fashion on the environment and our oceans.



Our material is made from ECONYL, which uses regenerated nylon containing waste such as fishing nets and other post consumer products. This Nylon is recovered from all over the world in countries such as USA, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan and Thailand. Most fishnets are responsible for the needless death of marine animals. ECONYL has enabled Zazi Swim to make sustainable swimwear and shares their mission in reducing waste. It’s crazy to think that for every tonne of fishnets being regenerated, over 10,000 swimsuits will be made. This also saves natural resources and reduces global warming impacts of nylon by up to 80 percent. ECONYL has a focus on manufacturing products that are endlessly regenerable and we at Zazi Swim love this!


We are very mindful of our footprint on the earth so Zazi Swim takes every care to ensure our choice of packaging is made with the planet in mind. Our poly bags are produced using eco technology and are made from corn starch, they are also 100 percent compostable. Even our ink is made from eco-friendly benzene- free ink, which helps to reduce printing emissions. This is huge! Most garment bags are made from plastic and can end up in landfill or our waterways. Over 5 trillion plastic bags are used every year and only 1 per cent are recycled, this has lead to many marine life ingesting these plastics. We also use mailers and mailer boxes that are made from recycled cardboard and paper, ensuring zero plastic use. Lastly, our cotton tote bags are made from 100 per cent recycled cotton. So not only do you have a pretty bag to store your swimmers in, you have helped give new life to old cotton.


We are very dedicated to reducing and reusing that why our hang tags are made from recycled paper, which reduces the demand for new materials. Our hygiene liners are made from biodegradable adhesive paper. This means they are a lot more delicate then your regular plastic liner because they're biodegradable.



Every bit counts when it comes to waste, so our goal at Zazi Swim is to have zero. Our future goal is to recycle our swimwear where we can and always focus on new and exciting ways to reduce.