To reduce your swimwear's carbon footprint we recommend only washing when necessary. Save water and increase your bikini's life!

If you have to wash please set the washer to "cold" and select an eco option. Cold washing over hot saves 500lbs of CO2 from entering

the atmosphere every year.

Use a marine friendly laundry powder or solution to avoid any synthetic chemicals irritating your skin and entering our waterways.

Refrain from using bleach as it is a chemical and overtime will cause the fibres to slowly break down.

Hang our swimwear on a line to dry. Line drying your clothes can save 1400 pounds of greenhouse gases a year. Do as they do in Italy!

All of our swimwear is dry cleanable. Please choose your dry cleaner carefully and opt for a green one that uses water as the primary solvent.

This type of cleaning can substantially reduce toxicity and CO2 emissions associated with garment care.